After using my chosen provider for some time now, it has come to my attention that more and more single user mailbox options for Exchange users are becoming available. So what do I mean exactly? Basically if you are like me, you have a Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or even an iPhone. You want the slick “connectivity” that MS Exchange can provide its users, but really are not interested in running your own server. This is especially true of SoHo users.

Over the past year or so, I have been a happy DSLExtreme user. I provided the domain name for my own personal dotCom mailbox/calendar/etc and they provide me with the means to enjoy the benefits of having immediate access to my own Exchange server with BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server). It’s been great.

Recently I was alerted to another option from Again, reasonable prices mean MS Exchange is quite obtainable. What say you? If you are a fan of Exchange, would you consider plopping down a few bucks a month if it means over the air push-syncs over the platform dependent hassles of USB or Bluetooth? Hit the comments, share your thoughts.