If you have noticed the lack of effort and the lack of posts that are currently being written it is because I am on vacation. I currently am in Florida at the beach and I will be traveling to Disney World. I am really excited to be doing this. The only thing is that I am having to stretch out all of me posts to last me until the first of August. This means that on the end of this week I will most likely not write anymore posts for about 1 week. I will be at Disney World and there I will not have access to the computer. I am also currently running on empty with my stock of videos and ideas. I would really appreciate of you would leave topic ideas as a comment to the post. I will read the comments and more than likely post about your topic. So feel free to post whatever you want as a comment I will write the post when I get a chance. If possible I might even do a video about it. So I was just letting you know that I have not stopped writing to the blog I have just taken a vacation and I will be writing again full force by mid-August.