Wal-Mart and Dell are opening what they call are ‘Solution Stations’ in the Dallas, TX area. The new ‘Solution Stations’ will offer services similar to what Best Buy and Circuit City currently offer. SS will provide consumers with services such as HDTV and home theater installation, computer repair and other services such as wireless setup and more. The pilot program will start in the Dallas, TX. area and if successful could expand nation wide.

In addition the press release states:

For Wal-Mart, the program provides an opportunity for us to understand more about what our customers need and expect in home installation and technology services, within a specific market.

We are pleased to have Dell join us in this venture pilot. They are a trusted brand in service and computer electronics. These Solution Stations will provide our Dallas-area customers with added services, repair, and consultation so that they can reach the best solution and value for their home entertainment technology needs.

This is interesting for several reasons. One could surmise that Dell is attempting to get out of repairing their own products. If you are not aware of it, if you purchase a Dell computer from Best Buy, it is Best Buy who provides warranty service, not Dell. People who have purchased Dell computers from Best Buy do not call Dell for any type of service, even when it is a Dell related problem. It is left to Best Buy to repair or fix the problem.

Though this may be good for Dell, it is my belief that it is the consumer who suffers in the long run. I personally believe that this erodes the confidence that Dell once had in that their support has suffered tremendously. We have all heard the horror stories of trying to get support from over seas locations such as India.

But what do you think? Is this a good or bad idea?

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