Since April, AT&T has announced on several occasions that iPhone users would be getting free wi-fi at hot spots. This happened again today when AT&T posted on their web site, the same free wi-fi access. But the offer was later pulled by the company saying it was a mistake. According to this blog:

Call it Wi-Fi whiplash.

Now, free iPhone Wi-Fi is back, complete with a formal announcement from AT&T. iPhone Alley has the scoop:

The announcement now gives free access to Wi-Fi at all of AT&T’s over 17,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation, including:

    * 12 Airports
* 31 Hotels
* 23 Universities
* 18 Convention Centers
* 5 Sports Centers
* 8,000 + Restaurants
* 700 + Bookstores
* 50 + Supermarkets

What AT&T giveth, AT&T can just as quickly taketh away. Dare iPhone owners get their hopes up this time around?

Update: Hopes dashed again! I can’t decide whether to laugh or weep.

Local AT&T spokesman Dan Feldstein just called to say that, once again, the page discussing free iPhone Wi-Fi was posted in error. At this point, there’s no free AT&T Wi-Fi for iPhone owners.

So there you have it. No free wi-fi for iPhone users. Just a nasty prank by AT&T which says it is just another mistake. If AT&T has this much trouble making mistakes about free wi-fi, it makes one wonder about their accounting department. Is that a joke also?

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