As previously reported an IT tech for the City of San Francisco has pleaded not guilty to messing with the city’s network computer and password protecting them.  The tech. password protected the administrator accounts which prohibits users from accessing certain system and data information. Thus far, the other IT tech’s have been unable to crack the password, or if they did, are not revealing the information.

Though jokes are being made as to why the password can not be cracked, what will be embarrassing is if the city really can not crack the password. Since San Francisco is located just north of the entire Silicon Valley folks, one would find it extremely hard to believe that no one could crack the secret word. Which in itself would be another story. 🙂

Back at the ranch, the suspect Terry Childs, is willing to cooperate according to his attorney. In a SF Gate story it states:

She said Childs’ bail is ridiculously high given that the network remains intact and that he has “been willing to hand over the password since Tuesday.”

Crane said Childs is “willing to cooperate. We have negotiations ongoing.”

Officials with the city Technology Department, where Childs works, said they were unaware of any offer to give up the password.

That is true. $5 million does seem kind of high. The network also continues to function so it appears the only allegation of wrong doing is the password fiasco. Which brings up another point? I would give you odds that there is more to this story than what the media knows. This just doesn’t make sense. Like I said. Silicon Valley is just down the road and you would have a tough time convincing me that no one there could crack the system. 🙂

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