With Apple’s latest iPhone release, the new iPhone App Store has been all the rage. Well as it turns out, one of our entries to the WeatherBug API Contest was an iPhone application that not only adds a whole new dimension to uploading photos to Flickr, it does so while providing a tag relating to the weather where the photo was taken. Confused? Let me explain further.

Basically the application known as AirMe, utilizes WeatherBug’s API by auto-tagging uploaded Flickr photos with location specific tags. This allows the API to look up the current weather conditions where the photo was taken, thus adding the appropriate tag. For example if the photo was taken in Seattle, then AirMe uploads the photo to Flickr with the tags representing the location and the conditions where the photo was taken. In the instance of Seattle, the photo is likely going to be tagged with something like “cloudy” or “rainy”.

WeatherBug iPhone application.

AirMe is a rather clever application that is definitely worth exploring. But if you would rather try out WeatherBug’s latest iPhone application release, you can read all about it here.