Hello everyone.  I have not been on IRC, nor blogged in the last week for one reason, which I will get to.  Also I will recommend some podcasts.  Here goes nothing.

Over the last week, I have been trying to avoid getting on the net.  On Monday, my grandma was feeling horrible.  So I had to call 911.  Not going to go into detail, but the doctor said she is going to be alright.

Now here are some of the podcasts that I watch, that I recommend.  (All can be found in iTunes, under podcasts)

1.Wine Library TV:  Host Gary Vaynerchuk talks about his adventures in the wine world.  I watch WLTV for entertainment purposes, rather than educational.

2.  Diggnation: Just a superb show.  Hosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose talk about the top stories on Digg.

3. Totally Rad Show: Three rad dudes, Dan Trachtenberg,  Jeff Canata, Alex Albrecht, review movies, games, comics, t.v. shows, and more.  Very funny.

4. Cranky Geeks:  Host John C. Dvorak and 3 guests (Sebastian Rupley is on most of the time) talk about tech news.

5. Scam School:  Host Brian Brushwood shows you scams you can use on the street and at the bar.

Well  that is all I have to say for today.  Oh yeah, Twitter.