As the title says, I will be reviewing  I am also giving my first thoughts of Thunderbird, and  Lets get this “party started.”

In a previous post, I said “It was all working smoothly..except two things.”  Since then the two problems have been fixed!  So I am now using for posting to all my sites.  It works smoothly, and efficiently.  Everything else I said in the previous post I standby.  Instead of the 86% I gave it last time, I am giving it a 95%.  

First Thoughts: Mozilla Thunderbird.  Thunderbird is an e-mail client, basically a free outlook.  I just set it up today, and now using it with my gmail, yahoo, and msn accounts (if you need help with something I would be glad to help, just click the appropriate e-mail).  Syncing up gmail was pretty easy.  Msn was pretty hard-work, but Yahoo was a nightmare.  I had to go to the support site, go through a ton of hoops to reach what I needed, then I had to install ypop, then restart.  Do I have go much farther? After all of that it works every now and then.  Thunderbird keeps disconnecting from it, and only stays on the gmail server.  If I worked at Mozilla, I would spruce up the interface, and help people sync their e-mail, contacts, and calenders a bit more easy.  I give Thunderbird a 88%.

At last is something I just signed up for today.  I give you First Thoughts:  If I had to explain to my mom, I would say, “It looks at what kind of music you like, and shows you what you might like.” If I had to explain to a geek that never heard of it I would say, “Its Pandora with a shorter name.”And that is basically what it is.  I personally think that Pandora has a nicer interface.  Kevin (a.k.a iPhone on Wyldryde) said “@KrnSidez Pandora for the iPhone is better”.  As I have said from a previous post, I am saving for an iPod Touch, so I will see soon, but I trust him.  Heck, Panadora online is better than  The only thing keeping me from throwing this in my Trash, is the iTunes / iPod / Windows Media Player integration. looks at the music you listen to, and tells you information about it, and gives you recommendations.  I am going to give 74%. 

That is all,  Twitter, Pownce, Kwippy, and Friendfeed.