Over the weekend Wal-Mart had a fairly good system at a reasonable price, that many have indicated that they purchased. [See here.]  In reading some of the comments it appears that most are satisfied with their new purchase. One person even indicated that he dumped Vista off the system and loaded Windows XP Pro and the system sprang to life. But that’s another story.

There were two things I noticed about this new laptop system from Toshiba. First as mentioned in the comments the unit came with crapware aka bloatware that companies continue to use on their systems. Why? Because they are paid by companies to install this trial ware, demo’s, what ever, which helps offset the cost of the system. Let’s face it. At $398 the profit margins get pretty thin. The second thing I noticed, was that according to the manual for the Satellite A205-5800, which according to one reader, is the same as the Wally World model, you had to make your own recovery DVD’s.

The crapware aka bloadtware aka junker software can be removed fairly easily by using one of two methods. First there is a program which is free called PC Decrapifier which will remove most of the gunk. You can get a copy here.  Read the FAQ and confirm what you wish the program to do. Another program some folks recommend is CCleaner which also has a uninstaller section, is free and can be found here. With CCleaner you need to manually select which programs you wish to get rid of. After dumping the programs, you can than run CCleaner to clean up the registry. Either way, your system should run smoother.

In order to cut down on costs, some computers no longer come with operating system nor driver/program disks. You MAY have to create your own DVD’s if this is the case. Check the owners manual to determine if your computer is one of those models. The steps to creating the disks are fairly self explanatory.

What else do you personally do when you get a new computer? Let us know.

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