I’ve been on a lull lately, wondering what subject I should attack next (as there are so many these days!) – but nothing has really grabbed my attention over the last month or so… until now! I owe thanks to Michael Savage for my next topic of discussion… his recent remark which to the untrained ear, sounded like an attack on autistic children when he recently described autistic children as being brats. While on the subject of Autistic children he said “In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out,” to which I say, Rock on Mike! As I wrote about in my blog regarding spanking, kids these days have it much too easy and are practically given excuses from parents, teachers, the medical field and even the government  to act like barbaric, selfish little sociopaths’ – however, the order and the adjectives used in the previous sentence may vary depending on parenting. 

Mind you I that I do not typically agree with about 60% of what Michael has to say, but to his defense he was not attacking kids that really are afflicted with the disease, but instead he was taking shots at the medical profession (read my blog about that too if you like) as well as poor parenting. What I see his point as being is that this modern era of medicine is worse than all the crack and heroin dealers combined, that kids are being labeled as something that they are not just to shove drugs in their face. The drug companies want to deal their drugs and what better target market than to appeal to overcritical and under informed parents that think the problem lies with their child, not with their own lousy parenting, a medical misdiagnosis or the possibility that their kid just might be anti social and would prefer to be left alone, in my day it was called; being a loner – I was one of those kids. 

A good friend of mine knows an “Autistic” child, I use quotes because she isn’t convinced that the little boy is actually Autistic. He runs, plays, laughs, gives hugs, loves watching his cartoons, yet he is on drugs to manage his “Autism.” His parents both work long hours including weekends, he spends most of his time with a daycare provider as well as his grandparents. Sometimes he plays with the other kids at daycare, sometimes he doesn’t. But his parents are certain that their boy has the disease because he doesn’t quite relate to them, is distant and tends to act up while in their presence… hmm, I can’t help but to wonder why?

Of course we can’t have a statement like the one Michael said without people crawling out of the woodwork to protest. I have to ask though, what are they protesting?.. the disease itself or the fact that these people have no idea how to interpret their child’s actions as well as a statement made more or less on their own behalf? Either way it’s no surprise to me. We are a people that no longer choose to help ourselves, instead we rely on others to make our decisions for us, at least for the most part. I.E. we need a drug to manage our cholesterol while proper diet and exercise are merely secondary if not optional all together. 

It seems Autism is being taken much too lightly and labeling a child as such is becoming much too quick and easy. What really irks me though are the people who constantly feel the need to go out of their way to protest mere words spoken by one man indirectly at no one specific. In this case, Michael was simply describing his distaste for the ignorance of a public that seems all to eager to diagnose a child with a life altering disease, speaking on the behalf of those who cannot. Seems admirable to me. Instead, his words have been twisted and deformed, the meaning was lost and those waiting to protest something are out in full force… speaking of, where the hell is Al Sharpton?