It seems that Trans Union, which is one of the folks who monitor our credit, may have been selling our information to outside agencies. So if you fall into one of these categories, and most of us do, you may entitled to compensation:

The Court decided that the Class includes all consumers who had an open credit account or an open line of credit from a credit grantor (including, for instance automobile loans, bank credit cards, department store credit cards, other retail store credit cards, finance company loans,
mortgage loans, and student loans) located in the United States anytime from January 1, 1987 to May 28, 2008.

You may entitled to receive one of the following:

The settlement will: (1) establish a $75 million Settlement Fund; (2) give Class members the option of selecting six or nine months of credit monitoring services; (3) donate $150,000 to non-profit organizations; (4) pay for settlements or judgments for damage claims related to
lawsuits brought individually by Class members against the Defendants; (5) pay class counsels’ attorneys’ fees and their expenses; (6) pay the costs of notice and administering the settlement; and (7) distribute any money remaining (after deducting the costs for everything listed
above) in the Settlement Fund to Class members who register for a payment or to non-profit organizations.

The six months of credit monitoring services (which retails for $59.75) include: (1) the ability to lock your credit report so third parties, such as lenders or other companies, will not be able to access your credit report without your consent (unless allowed by law); (2)
unlimited daily access to your Trans Union credit report and credit score; and (3) credit monitoring with a 24-hour email credit notificationservice. The nine months of enhanced credit monitoring services (which retails for $115.50) includes all the services listed above, plus
a suite of insurance scores and a mortgage simulator service. If you get the enhanced credit monitoring you will not be able to get a payment from the settlement or start an individual lawsuit.

Other options are also available. Take a look at the web site which has all of the options as well as a form you must complete.