A real quickie here.

We just got a new Systemax PC at work to act as server for a surveillance camera system. Being constitutionally unable not to poke around in a computer’s nether regions, I noticed some interesting things about the hard disk hookup. Looked suspiciously like a USB connection.

Going down to the system tray, I clicked on the “Safely remove” icon and, sure enough, up popped Safely uninstall: Hitachi HDT725025VLA380 – Drive :C.

I did not click on it.

I suggest that if you’ve gotten a PC in the past year or so, and aren’t familiar with the “Safely remove” function (normally used to remove plug-and-play accessories), you might want to click on the icon — carefully — one time, and see what pops up. I’m not certain, but it seems to me that shutting down your hard drive, which is what the function does, could be a real pain in the butt. It might just require you to restart your computer, but there is a potential for other problems. I’d want to know a lot more about it before I did it on purpose. Perhaps a reader can enlighten us further.

And hey… be careful in there.