The WeatherBug API contest has been a tremendous success. We had so many entries submitted that even after we have reviewed and judged each of them, I am still working to get each of them posted here at Inside WeatherBug. Having said this, if you find that you did not win this time around, you can rest assure that your work will be receiving press here at Lockergnome as I continue to post each and every API contest entry to this blog.

And the winners are…

Best Overall Presentation:

A WeatherBug Eclipse Plugin by Aldo Bongio

-Now developer’s can code while keeping track of the weather in the same interface.

-Developer’s description: “A plug-in able to access and display live weather and forecast information, powered by WeatherBug API, from within the Eclipse IDE environment. More specifically, the work is divided into 2 plug-ins: the first one, independent from the Eclipse API, is a pure Java wrapper around the WeatherBug XML APIs; the second one is composed by a pair of Eclipse UI views able to display live weather and forecasts information using the above mentioned Java APIs.”

Best Concept:

WeatherCurve by Alan Herod

-Track weather conditions on your travel route.

-Developer’s description: “Before you head out on your next road trip, go to WeatherCurve. Enter your origin and destination. Google Maps provides the route and directions, while WeatherBug provides the current weather conditions along the route. Also, a graph of current temperatures along the route is displayed.”

Best Real World Application:

Inthrma by Sam Boutros

– Control specific household thermostats via your mobile phone – wirelessly. Simultaneously track the temperature in your home and outdoor weather conditions. Track results in a graph format.

Best Lifestyle Application:

Major League Baseball Widget by Jim England

-Track weather conditions for actual game times at your favorite stadium. Available as both a web widget and from Jim’s own website.

All participants who submitted an API entry will receive a WeatherBug and hat for their efforts.  Again, thanks to everyone who entered, I was truly impressed with each entry.