Down in Silicon Valley there are rumors swirling of what Apple has in store to attract a larger market share. Over at the Silicon Valley Insider they are guessing that Apple could start to slash prices.The price cuts could further increase Apple’s market share and make Apple are real contender against the PC. The article states:

But Apple’s Mac business is firing on all cylinders, the iPhone 3G is in short supply, and even the iPod is selling better than expected. So what could cause that drop? New toys, of course, which require spending on R&D, components, marketing, etc. But unless Apple is building a spaceship, it’s hard to see how a few new products alone would decimate Apple’s margins to rates the company hasn’t seen since 2006. And increased spending on new products wouldn’t explain the slower projected revenue growth.

But now there is another rumor hitting the Internet that indicates that Apple’s next offering could be A MacBook Touch. Over at Gizmodo they havea rumor that this could be coming in October. Their article states:

In all honesty, we may have passed this story up, but we’ve heard vague reports from reliable sources that Quanta is busy building a touch product for Apple. This latest information seems seems to complement what we’ve heard.

Which could mean that Apple will once again beat Microsoft to the punch with a Touch screen computer. But these are all rumors. Rumors that make sense and could prove to be a reality. Apple does seems to be moving in a new direction. A direction that could in fact increase market share andbring new technologies to the market place.

One thing is for sure. Apple seems to be in charge right now for bringing new technology to the market ahead of the pack. 🙂

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