Some time you have to wonder. Do the folks at Google get up in the morning, thinking to themselves “what can we do to aggravate Microsoft today.” Every since Google announced their alignment with Yahoo for an advertising joint effort, Microsoft seems to be floundering in getting a deal to buy Yahoo. Now Google buying Digg, just adds value to a company that is already highly valued and is still the most popular search engine in the market place.

Will buying Digg help Google? The answer is a positive yes. According to this article it states:

The companies are now in final negotiations according to our sources, although it could be a couple of weeks before it closes. And while the major deal points have been agreed on, the acquisition could still fall apart. Microsoft, which was previously interested in the company, may be willing to step back in at a much lower price.

Most of Digg’s revenue comes from a three year ad deal with Microsoft, which will be terminated on a sale to Google.

This one sentence should stir the pot:  ‘Most of Digg’s revenue comes from a three year ad deal with Microsoft’

I’m sure Microsoft is going to try and stop this deal, using the old Google is a monopoly ploy.

What do you think? Is Google becoming a monopoly or are they already a monopoly?

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