The saga in San Francisco continues as the Network IT guy, Terry Childs, has given up the secret password to the Mayor of the city. In an unusual meeting held in the city jail, a secret meeting took place in which Mayor Newsom was given the passwords. It is unknown what type of deal, if any, was made with the suspect.

According to the SF Chronicle:

Ron Vinson, the chief administrative officer for the Technology Department, said Newsom hadn’t told him about the jail visit in advance. “But we are glad he was successful in getting the codes, since no one else has been able to,” he said, adding that officials expected to have full control of the computer network soon and to generate new passwords for administrators.

Ballard said he had accompanied Newsom to meet with Childs at 1:30 p.m. Monday for about 15 minutes. They met in a visiting room in the Hall of Justice jail.

“He gave the mayor the codes, and then we went over to (the Technology Department)” and gave the codes to computer engineers, Ballard said. “And when we got back to City Hall, we were each separately questioned by the (police) inspector, because we are now witnesses in the case.”

Ballard said he had called Police Chief Heather Fong to alert her to what happened after the mayor returned to City Hall.

But there was a snag, Ballard said – the code that Childs supplied to Newsom didn’t function immediately. Newsom had to call back the attorney, who provided more information, and the system started working, officials say.

But this is where the story kind of gets strange. Childs attorney wants to get a bail reduction and said that the court shouldn’t be concerned about the poor decision that Childs made some 24 years ago when he was arrested in Kansas for aggravated robbery. Also Childs is going to prove that his actions were done to protect the City of San Francisco from mismanagement and corruption in the IT department.

So what do you think? Is Childs a knight in shiny armor protecting everyone from themselves? Or is he just a nut? 🙂

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