Frankly I find the idea behind this article to be completely insane. Despite promise after promise, I have yet to really see the kind of penetration in more rural areas where broadband remains completely absent. I do not point the fault at any one single ISP mind you. Instead, I would say that due to the nature of their business, most ISPs providing Broadband access simply will not justify the expense of access where potential users are not painfully evident.

It’s a sad fact that is difficult to deny. Even worse is me understanding where they are coming from. Because they are not a utility (here in the States at least), there will likely never truly be the kind access provisions being described in the article linked above. The very idea is utter nonsense.

So why do these “feel good” articles seemly continue to surface every so often? Apparently to ensure that the masses are feeling like we are keeping up with the rest of the world. Because the US is not nessarly all that dense in all of its population centers outside of the coastal areas, it just seems like the dream of broadband for some is only to be a dream and never a reality.