Today Bruce asks,

I am trying to find a wireless router I can plug a usb verizon wireless modem into.  Any suggestions?

Understanding that I am going to speculate that when you say “Verizon”, you are refering to EVDO service as Verizon’s DSL and FiOS services work fine with most routers? If this is the case, I can certainly understand the advantage of what you are asking for. Being able to create your own hotspot whereever you happen to be would something I have looked into for myself more than once. And with that, here is what I have found during my online travels.

The KR2 Mobile Router– Have not found any reason thus far not to pursue this option. It appears to do anything you might want – USB to PCMCIA (via a daisy chain I suspect) this router would allow you to take your mobile broadband and share it with as many PCs as you might need it to.

The D-Link 3G Mobile Router– Unfortunately, I am only addressing this product as you may very well stumble upon it as I did. Do not buy this product as it is reported to be finicky about which EVDO devices it will indeed support with its firmware. Buyer be warned.

Hopefully this will get you started off on the right track!

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