For years we PC users have been the source of jokes from Mac fans, who often criticized our ignorance for using Windows, since the Apple OS was so superior because of a lack of attacks. I believe we PC users realized that the main reason for Winodws hacks and attacks were two fold. First, Windows was the most prolific operating system and second, every one loved to hate Microsoft.

But  guess who is going to be joining us fools?  Once thought to be impenetrable from viruses and malware, the once invulnerable now is becoming a victim. Two major Mac-ware Trojans have appeared. According to this article, Mac’s beware:

The company reports today that two new Mac-ware Trojans that emerged in February and June ought to shake Mac users of their misconceptions that their computers (and, eventually, iPods and iPhones) are impenetrable. To put this in perspective, the first really pernicious piece of Mac malware emerged only in October, 2007, Mr Cluley adds, suggesting that a worrisome trend is about to get worse.

The piece of Mac malware identified in June, named “OSX/Hovdy-A Trojan”, is the nastier of the two. It is capable of infiltrating a Mac, stealing passwords and opening the user’s firewall to enable future exploits. If the modus operandi sounds familiar, that ‘s because a lot of the same virus gangs who perfected their exploits on Windows machines are now tweaking them for Macs, Mr Cluley adds.

Scarier still, the same tech-novice PC owners who failed to fortify their computers properly, allowing them to become spam relays and zombie DDOS attackers, are now making the switch to Macs. “I think the Mac user base will end up becoming polluted by some of the same people who have been infected time and time again in the Windows environment,” Mr Cluley says. “It’s mainly the same people who buy a computer primarily to download porn and visit file-sharing sites.”

For this reason, he says, “I think Apple will start to become a victim of its own success. I think hackers will see this community as a soft target.”

So what do you think? Are Mac’s going to be the newest targets? Will we see more and more attacks?

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