Personally, I like Windows Vista, I really do.  I purchased a laptop that had it pre-installed and I have not had any problems at all.  It seems fast enough, the compatibility problem isn’t that big of an issue yet, as most hardware manufacturers now have drivers for it.

A lot of people complain about Vista, some are downright hateful to it.  I never understood why people make such a big deal about things they don’t like, especially geeks when it comes to software/hardware.  You hear it all the time.  “Vista Sucks!”, “I hate the Wii.”, “If you have the XBox 360 you suck.”, etc.  People have a very strong desire to express their feelings.  Rarely though are they able to give subjective, technical or arguable reasons why they feel the way they do.

Some of these people have never even tried the thing they are putting down.  It seems people just assume something is bad because others say it is or they have had one negative experience with the manufacturer.  Let’s take Vista for example.  Ask 100 people if they like Vista and I bet the vast majority will say they don’t like it.  Why?  Because of the negative media?  Because they don’t like Microsoft?  Are they jealous of Bill Gates’ success?  Who knows.  Personally, I like to try something before I make my opinion, and even then, I am open to others’ thoughts.  Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are stupid, wrong, or that they “suck”.   With some people, even after they do try it and decide they like it, they will not admit they have changed their mind, thinking that somehow that makes them less of a person.

Case in point.  I found an experiment that Microsoft sponsored.  They took 100 people and showed them a “new” operating system named “Mojave”.  90% of the people who tried it gave positive feedback, with comments like “Wow” and “This is great!”.  They were then told that the operating system was actually MS Vista.

So, do you hate Vista?  If so, WHY?  I don’t want reasons like “Microsoft Sucks”,  give me good reasons, try to change my mind.