I do not say this often, but in this instance the move to prove a point by Microsoft was nothing short of brilliant. By offering users a chance to try the new “Mojave” operating system in a controlled setting, MS was sure to prove a point that many of their employees have been championing all along – Vista was not that bad. This experiment has apparently, shown that many people took to the new OS almost instantly.

Truth be told, today’s Vista is just an OS. I own a copy of Ultimate and found it to be no more compelling than my Ubuntu releases or my wife’s Mac. Again, it’s and OS – so what? And it is with this that I believe that a point has made on behalf of Microsoft, that most people who have never even tried the release, now realize that the issues of the past have largely been dealt with. It may still not be the fastest thing to run in the world, but it is not going to be as bad as many people have reported it to be in the past. Vista does what it is designed to do well enough. It provides the security enhancements over XP as promised.

So while I have heard some people charge that Microsoft has done little more than make themselves feel better, I would point out that they may have actually proven that this latest release might prove to be just fine by the casual user. What say you? XP forever? Waiting for Windows 7? Loving Vista? Using Ubuntu (like me)? Apple of forget it? Hit the comments, share your experiences.