Edward “Eddie” Davidson, 35, the man better known as the ‘Spam King’ ,walked away from a federal prison in Colorado. Davidson had been previously convicted of sending thousands of unsolicited emails that attempted to solicit people to invest in questionable stocks.

According to the Rocky Mountain News the article states:

According to Lakewood police Tuesday, Davidson apparently escaped when his wife came to visit him Sunday in Florence. “He jumped in the car with his wife,” said Will Cochenour of the Lakewood police Tuesday. “When they were leaving, he forced her in the car, brought them home and left after a change in clothing. He’s still at large.”

It was not clear Tuesday whether Davidson or his wife was driving the vehicle from Florence to Lakewood.

Davidson was last seen leaving the home on South Fig Street on Sunday afternoon in his wife’s 2006 silver Toyota Sequoia.

This story has ended in tragedy.

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Update: This morning it was announced that Davidson, his wife and 3 year old daughter were found dead in what authorities describe as a murder-suicide.  Source. Please say a prayer for the two surviving children, one who was shot in the neck.