I have been using cuil off and on today. Overall, meh. Not bad, it provides a great means of discovery. However I am not convinced that its relevance is going to make that big of impact. Search by content analysis vs popularity is vague to say the least. And based on searches I have done, indications of improved relevancy are simply not all that apparent from my perspective.

All of this said, I really like the idea behind the search engine and am thrilled to see someone doing something besides yet more meta search, as that should have died in the 1990’s. With more tweaking and better explanation as to what  “content analysis” means to the casual user, I expect this to become a search engine to watch. Considering the sheer volume it is indexing, cuil is already off to a strong start.

Areas needing improvement? Relevance for specific queries would be one gripe for myself personally. This is one area I was not impressed with thus far. I tried both technical and non-technical queries that might be considered a bit geeky and found that Google won out each time.

Example 1: Repairing the registry

Example 2:  recovery console

Example one was not jiving while example 2 was pretty good. Interesting how that works.

So how about you? Would something like cuil ever break Google’s hold on your search needs? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.