Trying to figure out where Cuil is going to make an impact on Google’s market share is difficult at best. Fully realizing that it is still a work in progress, I cannot help but feel like Mahalo is going to see a more significant impact on how people search than Cuil. With Mahalo, you know what you are getting and you are not trying to pin it against Google – it’s a completely different type of thing. They have defined their market and are doing very well with it. Cui, not so much.

No, Cuil is still trying to find its land legs it seems. And what is worse is that should the search engine manage to find its missing link, because it will likely be automatic like most search engines, Google will undoubtily be able to replicate it on Google Labs within a year or so anyhow.

The idea of a search engine based on relevant content is a great idea, but thus far is appears that the one based on popularity is still producing more relevant query results. And that is truly unfortunate for those using Cuil at this point.