Today Wayne asks,

I have 2 2Mb DSL connections and want to run both into one router so as to increase the speed, a number of routers are on the market but don’t want to be caught with one that do not deliver any suggestions as to the best brand to use?

Not an expert in this kind of networking by any means, but I have heard through the grapevine that using a HotBrick LB2 can be a good solution with its dual-WAN/load balancing abilities. And because this is not some cheap consumer level router, you can rely on a true hardware firewall with stateful packet inspection as well.

Getting things working is about as simple as following this how-to on the matter.  The tutorial provides a number of helpful pointers on common gotchas that can make getting this working a real hassle otherwise. Hopefully this will help you to get things going fairly easily. Good luck.

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