To increase work speed, to avoid repetitive typing and to prevent keyboard errors, MacroMaker is a terrific program. This software has been available for years and years. It first made its appearance in 2000 and, personally, it is one of the programs I miss the most when I am using someone else’s computer.

Macros are shortcuts. It means that, with a few keystrokes, a computer task can be accomplished. For example, you can open a program with a two key combination that you set. The less typing means you work faster. And, if that hand leaving the keyboard and reaching for the mouse is decreased, then your computer work increases in speed. “Most anything you know how to do by hand can be translated into a macro or recording in MacroMaker. If you are having to perform repetitive tasks, this program will help you out tremendiously (sic). The user can simulate a series of keystrokes, mouse events, play back previous recordings of keystrokes and mouse events or execute some built-in functions with just a keystroke…

link: MacroMaker

This program has been reviewed extensively. It is freeware and there is a link to make a donation. The program is good for Windows – from 95 to XP. It does not state whether it is suitable for Vista. Perhaps some Vista users will let us know.

Catherine Forsythe