Because of all the hubbub and media circus surrounding Senator Barack Obama and his (too) early presidential campaigning I began to investigate this man’s credentials and decided to determine for myself if he was all hype or truly had something to offer to the American people and the world.  

Since that time I have been bombarded by family, friends, and acquaintances with articles about him showing him in a negative light. However, being the dogmatic person that I am I do not believe everything that is sent to me via email or that I read on the net. For that matter I don’t believe most of what the news media tries to shove down our throat since I believe a lot of it especially in political campaigns is nothing more than propaganda.  

That being a given I discarded much of what I read and heard and looked into Senator Obama’s stance on the issues that mattered to me. These matters included, but were not limited to, his stand on health care, the economy, the infrastructure, foreign relations, and the war in Iraq. Throughout the many hours I spent researching this man’s stand I came to respect him and admire him as a thoughtful and eloquent American with a compelling story.

One of my first looks at the man came through reading his best-selling book,  The Audacity of Hope. While I realize that this book would be slanted in favor of the senator I wanted to know who the man thought that he was. In his book, the Senator conveyed a seemingly heartfelt optimism about changing business as usual in American political discourse. Throughout my reading I discovered a man who was not afraid to discuss his faith and values and to articulate why and how his faith causes him to think and act in the way that he does. 

There were areas that I disagreed with his position, especially on the issue of his “pro-choice” stand, but I couldn’t help but recognize how respectful and gracious Senator Obama was towards those that disagreed with him.  

Since my reading of the book my respect for the man has only increased as I have watched the way that he has handled the massive mud-slinging that has been thrown at him by first Clinton and now McCain. In no instance have I found Obama to in turn target those who attacked him with malice. Instead he has concentrated on getting his message out to the American people in a positive and constructive way. My feeling is that the mudslinging is being done because his opponents have nothing to offer and they know their only hope is to discredit a man whose only motive to make America a better place to live.  

If one thinks about it intelligently and not out of fear of the unknown does it make sense that McCain would try to blame Obama for the rising fuel costs. Remember Senator McCain was in office for twenty-five years. During that time did he ever offer or suggest a law to cut America’s dependence on foreign oil. Remember he took office shortly after the first oil crisis when we were all subjected to odd/even fill-u0p days. Yet, during all of this time nothing was done to prevent today’s current crisis. Instead, American’s were offered bigger and more fuel guzzling means of transportation, rail services all over the country were shut down, and in many metropolitan areas there is no dependable bus service.  

During McCain’s years in service was there any improvement to our infrastructure or are we now suffering from a shortage of electricity to meet our growing needs and bridges that are failing due to poor maintenance? 

Obama is a fresh face, like J.F. Kennedy, who has only been in office for a season but already he has stepped out and made a name for himself. Until this election I had never heard of him or of Senator McCain, other than their positions in office, but doesn’t it make more sense that one should have heard of Senator McCain given that he has already spent so much time in office.

Then, too to this point, the only thing I have really heard from Senator McCain is that the surge is working. I am thrilled that more and more innocent Iraqis and American troops are dying every day in this ludicrous, unprovoked war but give me a break please talk about those issues close to every American. These issues include how we are going to get to work, feed our families, and get the needed health care.  Then too, Obama’s charisma reminds me of Ronald Reagan, one of the few presidents, who inspired American’s to feel good about themselves. This same charisma has already won Obama respect around the world with people throughout the world wishing he running for president of their country. It has been amazing to me that even the steadfast war monger G.W.Bush must have learned something from Obama since he is now willing to make a pretense of listening to foreign leaders before he runs off to start another war.  

I believe that if just a fraction of the tax money that we pay were spent on the needs at home instead of on the huge war machine we could solve the many problems that we are facing. So, while I may not agree with Obama on some issues I do believe that he will address those issues that are critical to those of us who live in the good old U.S. of A. If he succeeds in his bid for the presidency, I believe that Obama has a real chance of restoring America to greatness in the global world that we now find ourselves in.