Thanks to the Internet, file formats aren’t nearly as big of a deal as they used to be. Granted, there are still numerous formats for almost every kind of file that you can imagine, but the Internet is the equalizer. We have services that can stream videos in many different formats online, and we also have music services that can play your tunes through the Internet regardless of what format they’re in. What about documents? While we used to just upload documents to the Internet and have people download them to their computers, things have changed. Now you can view some documents straight from your Web browser, and services like Calameo enable you to publish documents in many different formats online. 

What Calameo essentially does is turn your documents into online publications that can be shared and embedded. Instead of just scrolling down to read more, you flip back and forth through the pages, insert bookmarks, and view the content in the way that you want to. Calameo is an international service, and you’ll see bits of French alongside the English. There are competitors, but no matter which solution you choose, overall you’ll be getting the same functionality.