Our friends to the north in Canada are facing a new throttle back program by Bell Canada that appears will cost consumers more. It appears that the new plan, once in place, will charge for those who go over a set limit per month on downloading. Though Bell Canada does not mention how much the overage charges will be, one can guess it will not be cheap. According to this p2pnet news article:

Just got back from the conference and here is what Bell is proposing.

512Kbps service will be limited to 2GB per month
5Mbps service will be limited to 60GB per month

They did not disclose what the overcharges will be, but don’t expect  it to be cheap. Simply put DSL as we know it right now will no longer exist.

We find this proposal to be totally unexceptable [sic]. The only good news  is that it will not affect current clients. So as long as you don’t  change ISP’s you can keep your current unlimited connection. Bell proposes to start shadow billing in October and usage based billing in Jan of 2009.

This has given me a new sense [of] urgency to setup our own equipment at the CO. I will be approaching a few other ISP in the next little while to see if we can come to some type of agreement. We prefer not to do this alone.

 So it looks like Canada is facing some of the same problems we are facing here in the US. Which makes one wonder? Does making more money on the Internet for the ISP’s going to hurt the implementation of broadband?

What do you think?

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