As previously reported a San Jose firm named Vastech, Inc, dumped some 1300 rebates into a dumpster. The Santa Clara District Attorney filed charges against the firm and they subsequently were fined $10k. Though the amount just barely covers the cost of the rebates, the fine none the less brings attention to the problem with rebates.

In the SJMN article it states:

Vastech, a wholesaler of electronic parts and accessories now located in Sunnyvale, has since honored those rebates at a cost of about $8,500. The consumer protection lawsuit was filed and settled Tuesday, and the district attorney’s office has already received a check.

Harris said Vastech agreed to review all future rebate requests within 30 days and make payments within 45 days. “There is not a specific law that requires them to do that,” he said. “They have to fulfill their promise to pay.”

Vastech also agreed to maintain records on future rebates and will be obligated to turn those over if future complaints are lodged with the district attorney or Better Business Bureau, Harris said.

 Which makes one wonder how many people have had their rebate requests thrown in the trash? It is a known fact, that the rebate scheme is in favor of the retailer since many people fail to even apply.  Also the retailer can reject any rebate that does not adhere to the strict rules they set up.

What do you think? Are rebates a pain?