By no means am I obsessed with making notes, but I do have a few documents and online services that I use to record bits and pieces of various thoughts and ideas that I have. It’s important to jot this information down for future reference, and the way in which you record notes is immaterial as long as you are able to record them. After all, some people still prefer to use a pen and paper, however, I left those days behind years ago. I thought my way of storing notes was more than sufficient, but now that I’ve seen what Luminotes is offering in the way of a personal wiki notebook, I’m not so convinced. 

It may seem like overkill to use your own personal wiki for your notes, but Luminotes is so simple to use that it won’t even feel like you’re using a wiki, and the added features are a nice touch. You can easily format your notes like you would in a word processor and link them together, and since Luminotes is a wiki, if you use one of the paid subscriptions, you’ll be able to invite people to not only view your notes but edit them as well.