As you know Linux (specifically Ubuntu) is becoming more and more popular of an OS. I mean it is free and it works so what is there not to like. I have heard a few question about Linux so I thought I would share some of my opinions about the pros and cons of Linux. The first Question you might ask is will Linux ever become a Major OS like OS X or Windows? I think that it will get more popular however I don’t think that it will ever be anything major. Next, you might ask what are some of the pros and cons of using Linux (any Distro) on a daily basis? I think that Linux is a perfect OS for people who Check e-mail and surf the web. How ever it can get complicated when trying to install applications. Also Linux is open source so that mean that anything is possible. Right now I wouldn’t really suggest Linux to a Power User. Linux is also not very popular; stop and think how many of your non-geek friends know what Linux is? Also as an added bonus I will shar wmy opinion about the current Operating Syatems.

  • Windows XP- Good for gamers and more stable then Vista. If using stick with it for a few months to see what happens with Vista.
  • Windows Vista- Ok for basic users. Power Users should use XP or OS X. Still buggy and unstable. However a good gaming OS if you are a hard core Gamer.
  • Mac OS X- Most rounded OS I would suggest this who doesn’t care about cost and wants the best computing experience they can get. Making their way forward in the gamin industry.
  • Linux (Any Distribution)- I think that Linux is good for surfing the web and checking e-mail. Free and open source. Lots of room for growth.

Now if you will answer any one of these questions in a comment I will use it in a later post to gauge what OS satisfies more users.

  1. What are the Pros and cons of your OS. State your OS and what yu like and don’t like about it.
  2. What OS do you think will be the next big one?
  3. Also any other comments are welcome

Note: I was getting comments and I wanted to clarify some things. First, I understand that Linux is a powerful OS and that it is getting more support everyday. Also I think that Dell or HP should make a computer with Linux (Ubuntu). Linux however “is good for checking e-mail and surfing the web.” True although it can do many other things like manage photos and every thing you would expect. The thing is that for a basic user; you the ones who don;t know the difference between “/” and “” it can be somewhat confusing. It also every now and then can require you to “get your hans dirty”. Linux is also good for power users because of the ability to basically do whatever you want. If you have anything else you think I could clarify let me know. Also keep in mind that this is my opinion and is not fact. My advice. Check out the different OSs and use the one that works.