You can also experience problems after you successfully establish a connection with the VPN server. If your connection is established and you can access the VPN server, but you cannot browse the LAN or access resources on other computers, there can be several reasons for the problem:

The VPN server must be configured to allow access to the entire LAN, not just to the VPN server computer. This is a server configuration that cannot be corrected from the client side.

If you receive an Error 53 message, (Network path was not found) this may be because the client cannot resolve NetBIOS names. Ensure that the client has a WINS server assigned. This can be done manually in the client’s TCP/IP properties or via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Your account may not have the proper permissions to access the resources on the server.

If you are unable to browse, attempt to connect to the network shares on computers inside the LAN using the UNC path (\servernamesharename).

If you are able to establish the VPN connection, access resources, and browse the network, but the link is prematurely disconnected, check the following possibilities:

  • You may have the VPN connection configured on the client to hang up after a specified number of minutes of idle time. You can set this value from one minute to 24 hours, or to never hang up (the default). Check this setting first if you are getting disconnected at a regular interval of time.
  • Your ISP may have idle time limitation rules or connect time limitation rules that automatically disconnect you after a specified period of idle time or a specified period of time online, even if active.