China just passed a anti-monopoly law on August 1, 2008 and guess who gets to be the first up at the plate? Which has to beg to question? Did China pass the law for just one very special company? Do you think China might be just a little tired of enforcing Microsoft licensing? Do you think that China gives a rats ass about the Redmond giant?

According to this article from ChinaTechNews it states:

As China’s first anti-monopoly law went into effect on August 1, 2008, Microsoft (MSFT) has been targeted by Chinese IT companies for suspected monopolistic activities and may become the first defendant in a Chinese anti-monopoly lawsuit.

Cao Can, general manager of Evermore Software, told First Financial Daily that the domestic office software producer has been collecting proof of Microsoft’s monopolistic activities and will fight against the U.S. software giant when the conditions are mature. Cao says his company paid great attention to the anti-monopoly law when it was still a draft, because the monopoly activities of Microsoft in sales and technology harm the interests of Evermore Software and restrict the development and innovation of China’s software industry. The anti-monopoly lawsuit against Microsoft can send a signal to all the other multinational corporations that conduct monopolistic activities in the Chinese market.

Other Chinese IT companies, including Kingsoft, are also reportedly researching the new anti-monopoly law to see whether it is feasible to file a formal lawsuit against Microsoft. Some of them even say that no matter win or lose, they will definitely bring Microsoft to court, because according to the anti-monopoly law, Microsoft undoubtedly holds a monopoly in the Chinese market.

What do you think? Is the rest of the world picking on companies such as Microsoft & Intel?

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