Well a new smart scale is being introduced in Europe at some 300 markets for testing. What makes the scale so special? The scale can determine the kind of fruit or vegetable a consumer has placed in a clear bag and than price the produce by weight. The camera built into the scale and even determine different types of Apples which are very similar. According to this article, it further states:

Some supermarkets make you weigh the fruits or vegetables you buy and put the printed sticker with the final price on the bag. A new scale developed by a German Fraunhofer institute contracted by Mettler-Toledo is automatically finding out what you kind of fruit or vegetable you have put on it. 

There are also lots of supermarkets where the cashier is weighing your produce purchases. If you buy something a bit out of the ordinary they always have to look it up in their map, which can take quite a while. The smart scale camera system could also find its use at cash registers next to the bar code scanner. 

Amazing. With technology like this, it will further the day when no cashier will be needed in order to check out at the grocery store.

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