It looks like Lenovo is moving away from the old IBM Thinkpad days and trying to compete with a different client base. At the company I work for 9-5 we switched from Lenovo to Dell laptops and I don’t think that says as much about Dell as it does about Lenovo. I don’t think that they really took over the IBM laptop division with as much success as they had hoped. They have lost some corporate customers and now seem to be trying to gain ground in other markets.

Case and point; the Lenovo Ideapad S10. I was reading through my daily RSS feeds and saw this article on Endgadget. The laptop looks like a good model but just glancing at the picture it looks like they are trying to take back a few Mac users or stop the potential Mac buyers from buying. The unit I am sure will work well but I am afraid that they are making a mistake with this strategy. People aren’t just switching to Macs because of the cute package that their laptops come in, but because of the whole user experience; including the operating system.

I hope they don’t loose focus on building solid laptops. I still have an IBM Thinkpad T43 in my collection of test computers at work and it is one of the best machines I have used. The only thing that was ever missing from and IBM machine was a Windows key.

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