Despite reservations early on, there is something to be said about rolling with a 64bit operating system. Sure, there have been issues with both Windows XP 64bit and Linux 64bit. But now that software is becoming available for both platforms along with the benefit of extra RAM capacity, things are looking much brighter.

One of the biggest complaints from the past, is compatibility with Flash on 64 bit systems. But some of you might be surprised to find that own Windows XP 64 bit and Ubuntu (Linux) 64 bit, the solution is an easy one. Because I run a with a notebook that benefits from the 64 bit option (dual core here), my Ubuntu install handles Flash for me when I first browse to a Flash enabled Website. For XP 64 bit users, it is nearly as simple – just install Firefox for 32 bit systems on your Windows box, then as with Ubuntu, browse to a Flash enabled page – simple.

I am also interested in seeing where Windows gaming is going to end up as a number of people have pointed out that future games may indeed require more than a mere four gigs of RAM.

Is 64 bit Linux ready for your home? To best answer that would require a close examination of what you use your PC for I suppose. For Windows users, I would say here soon gaming and video editing will yield favorable conditions. For Linux users, I would say anyone looking to get more out of their Intel dual-core or AMD 64 bit systems would benefit. Am I nuts? Hit the comments and set me straight.