So what is a blog anyway? Is it just a collection of ideas being shared by one person? Or is it a Personal Blog? Personal in that it reflects the blogger only and doesn’t represent anyone else or any company. This is what the author of The Patry Copyright Blog is stating for the reason he is hanging up his blogging shingle. In a statement, William Patry says:

 I have decided to end the blog, after doing around 800 postings over about 4 years. I regret closing the blog and I owe readers an explanation. There are two reasons.

1. The Inability or Refusal to Accept the Blog for What it is: A Personal Blog

2. The Current State of Copyright Law is too depressing

He goes on to state that because he was using a Google blog site, which is available to anyone, that people were associating him as a lawyer for Google. It sounds like William was mistakenly be labeled as working for Google, when in fact he just set up a blog on Google itself.

But his second reason appears to have been the one that he actually made his decision to quit. He was getting negative in his blogging thoughts and it was spilling over to his readers.

Too bad. It sounds like his expertise will be missed in the copyright field.

But what do you think? What is your opinion on what a blog should or shouldn’t be? Share your thoughts.

Comments welcome.