I recently watched the documentart WALMART: The High Cost of Low Price. It paints a grim picture of how Wal-Mart operates, detailing how it has ruined entire communities and peoples’ lives. Is Wal-Mart really evil though? Or are they just doing whatever they can to bring low prices to the consumer? As with anything, there are 2 sides to this argument:

Argument 1: Wal-Mart is evil! They exploit their employees by forcing them to work overtime without paying them and they lack quality health benefits. The influence their suppliers to cut American jobs and take them overseas where working conditions are dire and a lower quality product is made. The company is way too big and abuses their power.

Argument 2: Wal-Mart is doing nothing wrong. They are only doing what they can to just give their consumers a lower price. If workers are exploited, it’s their own fault for continuing to work there. Also, if Wal-Mart is so bad for the consumer, they should vote with their dollars and stop spending their money there.

So who is the problem here? I believe the problem is all of the above. I feel Wal-Mart is evil, and personally I choose not to spend my money there. However, in times when the economy is rough, I don’t see how we should expect people to pass up paying lower prices on their goods.

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