The TSA has a program called Registered Traveler in which seven vendors are signing up clients to get in the fast lane going through airport security checks, but one of the vendors lost one of their laptops at the San Francisco airport, which contained the unencrypted information of 33,000 clients. In the article it stated:

The VIP laptop was reported missing July 26, the TSA said. The agency, late Tuesday, said it was suspending new enrollment in VIP’s Registered Traveler program while the company takes steps to comply with TSA’s security requirements. The TSA requires Registered Traveler vendors to encrypt personal data, said TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis.

“We did set up some security standards in the beginning, and encryption was critical,” Davis added.

The laptop, which had two layers of password protection, was housed in a locked office with security cameras, VIP said. The laptop contained customer names, addresses, birth dates, and in some cases driver’s license numbers, passport numbers or alien registration numbers, the company said.

The laptop did not contain credit card or Social Security numbers, or biometric information such as fingerprints, VIP said.

Yesterday it was 41 million people having their data stolen on unsecured wireless networks. Now this. Which begs me to ask. Are these businesses hiring retards in their IT departments? I don’t see the humor in this when we try to protect our IDs only to find these idiots giving away the information. Why don’t they just print all of our IDs in the newspaper?

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Update – laptop found:

“We apologize for the confusion but in an abundance of caution, we treated this unaccounted-for laptop as a serious potential breach,” VIP CEO Steven Brill said in a statement. “We’re glad to confirm that a preliminary investigation shows no personal information was compromised.”