Here is another horror story about someone having their Google account disabled. As you may have recalled, I had this exact same problem with Google as well. [See article here.] Which is starting to make me wonder. How many Google users are finding their accounts disabled?

In this article from Chris Brogan he explains why ‘Google Owns You’ for those of us who choose to use Google. He explains that:

Nick Saber isn’t happy now. Monday afternoon, after lunch, Nick came back from lunch to find out that he couldn’t get into his Gmail account. Further, he couldn’t get into anything that Google made (beside search) where his account credentials once worked. When attempting to log in, Nick got a single line message:

Sorry, your account has been disabled. [?]

That’s it.

Nick sent a message or three to Google for support. He got back this:

Thank you for your report. We’ve completed our investigation. Because our
investigation was inconclusive, we are unable to return your account at
this time. At Google we take the privacy and security of our users very
seriously. For this reason, we’re unable to reveal any further information
about this account.

And that’s it.

I certainly know how Nick felt. When I lost access to my Google account, I not only lost the ability to get my Gmail, but also to access my Google Adsense account as well. I use Google Gmail as my third email account. I have a personal account from my ISP that I use for personal contact my friends and family. I also have a MSN account which Microsoft requires that I have to access information through the MVP program. Plus Gmail that I use to receive information from Google alerts about news items in the technology field.

So when I lost access from my Google account, it was a royal pain, since I use it to blog here at Lockergnome. For 3 days I was at a semi-stand still. 🙁

It is a little disconcerting when you have put all of your eggs in the Google basket and find that the fox has payed a visit to the hen house.

Have you had your Google account disabled? How did you handle the situation?

Comments welcome.