One’s sixth birthday is very cool. Jamie has been telling everyone that it means that bedtime is later and he is allowed more time with the computer games. Age does have its privileges. The only thing that is not cool is that Jamie is in his third week of a hospital stay.

So, if Jamie could not go to a party, the party would come to Jamie. The ward staff, his parents and his immediate relatives planned to make it a special event for Jamie and his new buds on the service. There would be a bit of cake, some ice cream, presents for everyone, balloons and even a clown. The only thing was that hospital security stopped the clown on the main floor and asked him to leave the hospital grounds – immediately.

The rules are that there are no clowns allowed. It seems that hospital policy will not allow it. Some people have coulrophobia, a fear of clowns. So Jamie had his big party without a clown. It was explained to Jamie that then the hospital didn’t have to worry about some ‘bozo’ suing and that his doctor would be right back. He has to go home to change into his regular doctor clothes.

Catherine Forsythe