New search engines are constantly being developed, but for many of us, Google still continues to reign supreme. I try out a lot of these new search engines, and after performing a search or two on them, I immediately see the difference in quality and realize why I love Google so much. Of course, when a new search engine launches that claims to search more pages than Google or any other search engine, it makes you want to pay attention, especially when the team consists of former Google employees. That about sums up Cuil. 

I love the simplicity of the Cuil home page, and by using a black background, it stands in sharp contract to the white background of Google. Yes, Cuil is Google’s evil twin. The search engine will offer you suggestions while you type, and this functionality actually works really well. The search results aren’t bad by any means, plus the category exploration features offer you more options, but the format in which the results are displayed takes some getting used to. Google has trained us in the way that search results are to be displayed, and it’s hard to accept something new. OK, this has been fun, but I’m going back to Google now.