According to this article posted over at Linux by an IDG staff writer, it seems that Google has been working behind the scenes supporting the Linux operating system. I recall when there was talk that the gOS that was being offered on some computers being sold by Wal-Mart, was being supported by Google.  So in reading this article about Google working closely with the gOS team, it may become clearer why Microsoft is fearing a Linux surge.

According to the article, it states:

 With an eye for larger adoption of Linux, Google is actively working with open-source developers to integrate its applications in the OS, a Linux developer said on Tuesday.

By working with developers, Google may be trying to push more of its applications in netbooks, low-cost laptops designed to run basic applications for Web surfing and e-mail, said David Liu, Good OS Founder and President, at the Linuxworld conference in San Francisco.

Google’s software offerings includes Web-based applications like Google Docs and Spreadsheets and Google Gadgets, mini-applications that sit on desktops to perform small desktop functions. Although in their infancy, shipments for netbooks are expected to explode in the next few years.

Google and Good collaborated to pre-load Google’s Gadget mini-applications on GOS Gadgets 3, Good’s upcoming Linux distribution, Liu said. The mini-applications allow users to play games and check system applications like battery power and the strength of a wireless network signal.

Google Gadgets from gOS 3 Gadgets uses the Ubuntu linux distribution:

gOS 3 Gadgets instantly launches Google Gadgets for Linux on startup, introducing over 100,000 possible iGoogle and Google Gadgets to the desktop.

Google Documents, Calendar, and Mail launch in Mozilla Prism windows to closer resemble desktop applications.

The newest release of WINE 1.0 is included to now support thousands of Windows software for our advanced users.

gOS 3 Gadgets is based on the solid Linux distribution base of Ubuntu 8.04.1.

Interesting. So it appears that Google is supporting gOS 3 Gadgets along with Linux Ubuntu for a stable environment to be used by the new netbook laptop computers.

What do you think? Will this boost the use of Linux and gather support for the Linux operating system? Am I getting a clear picture of what Google is hoping to accomplish or am I on the wrong track with my thinking? Let me know your opinion and share your thoughts with us.

Comments welcome.

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