When it comes to the Olympics, Google wants you to follow the games on your phone. Google has setup their search engine to stay on top of the entire games, including medal count and to see how each country is doing. Over at the Google Mobile Blog they also state that:

If you’re like me you’ll want quick updates for the Games all day long. (I’ll be following Michael Phelps’s gold medal quest, and I can’t wait to see how the US swimming team does.) We’ve launched a new mobile search tool that gets you sport results, country medal count, and event schedules right at the top of your search results. Go to www.google.com on your phone and try a search for “swimming.” You’ll get something like this:

Once the events have begun, you’ll be able to search for things like “gymnastics medals” or “Russia medal count” to get updated medal counts and rankings in your search results as well. Fast updates are now at your fingertips, and you don’t even need to click through to an extra webpage.

Want to browse through all of the events? Go to www.google.com/m/summergames on your mobile phone. You can discover sports you may not have even known were part of the Games, such as the new Cycling BMX event. Since the Summer Games are a worldwide event, we made this new search tool available in 36 languages and over 60 countries. Alors, par exemple, if you were in France you could browse on the French domain, or get the same search tool when you search for “natation.”

With the opening of ceremonies just happening, this new feature will keep you up to date on what is going on in Beijing. So take advantage of this feature while the Olympics are in progress and see how the world is doing.