If you are in the market to buy a new LCD TV or computer monitor, you may wish to wait a while since it appears there may be a glut of the new TVs and monitors in the marketplace.  Demand for the LCDs has cooled while supplies are on the rise, leaving some to believe that this glut could turn into a boom for consumers as prices are expected to fall. Of course we can blame the current economic situation here in the US which is slowly becoming a worldwide problem.

According to this article, which states:

The LCD panel industry is suffering from over supply and falling demand, and in this case, what’s bad for Wall Street and stock prices is good for consumers.

Nobody likes to buy an expensive new LCD TV or LCD computer display and then watch as prices tumble within weeks or months of the purchase. So buyers beware, that’s exactly what could happen if the LCD industry situation continues to unfold as some analysts predict.

One of the year’s hottest seasons for buying new LCD TVs and desktop monitors is around the corner, mid-August through September, and analysts are nervous that people may not buy as many units as expected, which will send prices lower.

“Our recent channel checks show that the industry pendulum has swung into a ‘buyer’s market’ where customers are holding back orders,” said Jeffrey Su, an analyst at investment banking firm Merrill Lynch, in a recent report.

One problem facing the industry is a supply gut.

“Over-shipment of large-area LCD panels in (the second quarter) due to an overly optimistic outlook for 2008 was the main factor contributing to the rapid and significant panel price reductions seen in the panel supply chain beginning in June,” said DisplaySearch, in a report issued Monday.

So while tough economic times may be ahead, if you are in the market for an LCD TV or a LCD computer monitor, there may be some some light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to pricing. But what do you think? Is an LCD TV or computer monitor in your future? Will you wait for prices to fall?

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