Many would agree that they would like to get off of the Microsoft merry-go-round, but are reluctant to try an alternative such as Linux. But this article over at LinuxHaxor asks the question ‘Linux Users: Why So Serious? What I found interesting about the article is that it asks some of the same questions I have asked for years. In particular is the question why are Linux users so aloof to new users? It is almost like die hard Linux users feel that new users are a pain and not worthy of assistance. In the article it also states:

I think linux users as a community are not as helpful as everyone would like you to believe. We scare new linux adopters, and scoff at any suggestions that might seem “window-like”.

 We must acknowledge that linux has its fair share of problems; and must help the cross-over windows users experience to be as easy as possible. A linux user experience needs to be more than just security. Mark Shuttleworth recently stated that he wants “to make a concerted effort not just to catch Apple but to overtake the company in the quality of the desktop experience they deliver users.” This is not an impossible goal but the right direction linux should be heading towards. We should make the linux desktop user experience attractive enough for users to consider using linux. Microsoft is on the defensive with the many problems with vista and it’s previous versions of windows. While apple, despite being a very expensive computer system, gaining market share at the expense of Microsoft’s misfortune; Linux community failed to take advantage of the situation. ZDnet blog author Jeremy Allison made a very good argument last week, when he said: Linux Needs More Haters. To quote one of his sentence, “In the long run, we all need to become LinuxHaters in order to give our favorite software the tough love it needs to become as popular as I think it deserves to be.”

The writer asked for discussion and found this one particular comment interesting:

For linux to grow more popular in the market software and gaming companies have to start developing applications for linux for users to be more attracted. I know people are interested in using ubuntu but when they ask me “Can I play this game?” “Can i run illustrator?” right away they get turned off and don’t won’t to bother with linux!

Also when a customer or user goes to futureshop or circuit city or best buy the only options they have is windows or mac. Recently I just heard ubuntu being sold in some best buy stores so we will see how that will start.

Basically linux is a very stable and light system but it lacks the applications.

I found this discussion refreshing and it shows that Linux users are addressing some of the issues as to why more Windows people don’t jump ship over to Linux. I also believe that Linux does need to be able to play more Windows games and also some of the popular Windows software.

But what do you think?

Comments welcome.