I can’t even imagine how many documents I’ve created over the years. As you can probably understand, I’m constantly writing something for any number of reasons, and all of that text adds up. Of course, I’m not the only one doing this. One of the main reasons why a lot of people use computers is to create documents, and I’m sure that each one of you has created quite a few in your time as a computer user. Although text is everywhere on the Internet, online documents aren’t nearly as prevalent. It’s important to note that documents don’t have to be viewed as old-fashioned files that just sit on your desktop because they can be used online in interesting ways. Why not take your documents online and view them with Scribd?

Scribd supports all of the most popular document formats that you can think of, and you’re given unlimited storage with which you can store your documents. Once uploaded, you can easily share your documents with others and get their feedback, and I like how you can embed the documents so that they look exactly like they’re supposed to look. Even if you decide not to upload any documents, you can still use Scribd to find some great stuff that has already been uploaded by others.