My wife and I recently meet with a group of folks to organize a social gathering and during the conversation I get hit with the Windows question concerning XP. But during the conversation this person makes a statement that they would not use Vista since all they have heard about the new operating system has been negative. So out of curiosity I asked if they had tried Vista and they stated they have not.

Which makes one wonder. How many people are passing on the ‘Vista is bad’ rhetoric who haven’t actually used the operating system itself? Though we can’t officially come up with an exact number, I would venture a guess that there is a fairly large user base of Windows XP users who haven’t tried Vista, but are relying on rumor and innuendo to help spread the anti-Vista word.

So is this being fair to Microsoft and their Vista operating system? Yes and no. Yes because Microsoft released Vista even though they knew there were a lot of issues with Vista. Yes because they knew that their Vista capable logo program was a joke and many people ended up getting screwed on the deal. Yes because many found out that their hardware was not compatible with Vista and that some hardware and software companies had no intention to update their drivers or software for Vista. Yes because Vista was over priced and offered no real value to the consumer, except for a pretty GUI.

On the no side of the issue, Microsoft attempted to provide a more secure operating system compared to their previous versions of Windows. They make a operating system that was basically self healing in an attempt to eliminate the blue screens of death that plagued many a user. Microsoft wanted a system that would enhance the user experience by providing a GUI that was sleek and pleasant to the eye.

Now that service pack #1 has hit the street, is it time to take another look at Windows Vista? Or is the negative press just to much to change peoples mind?

What do you think.

Comments welcome.