Brandi Chastain was a wonderful soccer player for the U.S. Women’s National Team. Her soccer knowledge may be encyclopedic. However, as a soccer telecast analyst, she is horrid.

There is a large group of soccer fans who gather to watch the women’s Olympic soccer in real time. Today, it was in the very early morning hours. Through the magic of some satellite wizardry, it was possible to watch the match between the USA women versus New Zealand in real time. And, by consensus, people wanted to use the mute button and eliminate Brandi Chastain’s comments.

It is so annoying when…

  • the announcer is overwhelmingly biased. The non American team does have some positive attributes.
  • the announcer is patronizing to the audience, explaining in excruciating detail what ‘should have been’ or ‘could have been done’. It is what might be instructive at a beginners’ soccer practice. It is insulting to an audience who is watching the soccer game; and it really discounts what is happening on the field.
  • the announcer keeps making historical references which may be personally meaningful and sentimental to her but not to the audience. It really is not pertinent to what is happening at the moment on the field.

NBC combines Ms Chastain with analyst Marcelo Balboa. – That is totally unfair to the viewing audience.

Catherine Forsythe